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Quarantine Survival Guide: Working & Schooling from home

The Coronavirus pandemic has been one of the most sudden and debilitating occurences in recent world history. It has not only taken lives of many, but also our ability to live life as we've known it. It's captured our minds, hearts and emotions and constricted us to live a life in the confines of our respective homes. It has also had a tremendous and obvious effect on our (U.S) and global economy, as an unprecedented number of people are out of work overnight. Not to mention, children in all levels of grade school are unable to attend school, see their friends, favorite teachers, or most importantly, receive the necessary education they have the right to attain. Let us not underestimate the negative mental effects that "social distancing" can have on us or the children as well.

Work and school provide us with the ability to connect with like-minded individuals working toward common or similar goals. It also provides us with the necessary environment for the goals we are trying to achieve. Aesthetic cues and sensory details are essential for us as humans to operate at an optimum level whether we realize it or not. Its no wonder why you can get more office work completed in a library vs. a bowling alley. The right environment provides us with the necessary tools, resources and cues to help us and suggest the type of tasks which need be completed.

Fortunately, we have made massive technological advancements which allow us to still congregate virtually: to socialize, brainstorm and work together. Conversely, our homes may not necessarily be equipped for office or schooling tasks. That is why currently I have placed a premium on providing office furniture for those who need the ability to work efficiently and effectively from home, whether that be for work or for school. From desks, filing cabinets, bookshelves stands etc. All can be made swiftly and speedily to the exact specifications and all within your budget to make it work during these challenging economic tasks.

"An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge."

-Proverbs 18:15

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