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Top 3 Reasons to incorporate floating cabinetry

Moving your furniture off of the floor and onto the wall comes with a multitude of benefits. For the scope of this blog, we'll delve into my top 3.

1) Increased Space

By floating cabinetry you allow an uninterrupted flow of floor space, which makes for far easier cleaning. Mathematically, you utilize more of the room's space by taking advantage of the room's volume (cubic footage) rather than just the square footage which only accounts for 2 dimensions. Additional storage up and out of the way, provides more room down and on the floor for you to live and move freely.

2) Modular: The wall becomes the floor

Floating cabinetry allows for a multitude of different combinations and setup options as the wall now becomes the foundation of the furniture instead of the floor. Without the need to quarrel with tables, chairs and couches for floor space, the bare, spacious wall becomes your canvas and you become the artist. Floating furniture is highly adaptable and endlessly customizable.

3) Aesthetic Value

Floating cabinetry delivers a modern, sleek, second to none look to a room. Without a need for legs or a base, the wall mounted finish provides a highly aesthetic illusion as if the furniture is suspended from the wall by wizardry.

If you are interested in having a space designed with handcrafted, floating furniture, with the option of professional installation, be sure to fill out a custom order request form.

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